It all started with a Certificate in "Sustainable Development and Social Innovation” taught at the University of Luxembourg, where we carried out in-depth research on plastics at national and international scale in 2017, as part of an academic project. 

To combine our research to a participatory on-site project, our University Peer Group of 8 people developed a "plastic audit" for companies beginning 2018. The goal of this pilot project was to help entities optimize their plastic management and find solutions for reducing, recycling and reusing plastics on a corporate scale. Since then, we joined forces to find solutions to change people’s plastic behavior in Luxembourg. That was the beginning of our PlasticSwitch journey..


The aim of the PlasticSwitch Initiative is to support the "switch" from a plastic-based culture to a circular and sustainable economy. On a voluntary basis, we hope to reduce plastic debris in the environment and protect our ecosystems. We want to increase consciousness about plastic pollution and make a difference.


We believe in innovation and change through interaction and collaboration. Our actions reach from awareness-raising activities about the environmental and social effects of plastic pollution in general, to searching for long-term solutions and developing ideas that prevent plastic littering more specifically.